Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some beautiful collection from a friend's blog..Part1

There is something very specific about poetry in Indian language that is different from its English counterparts - The art of writing poetry in couplets. A couplet that is complete in itself, in its meaning and its story and also fits in to the overall poetry made out of these beautiful couplets together. I am not thinking hard as I am typing this. I would like to go through a few of my favourite couplets as they come to my mind. I am not keeping it constrained by a theme / poet / Language. Ghazal writing - the form for which the couplets are created is a very strong form created in Urdu and the style has over the years been adopted by Hindi and Gujarati poets too. Many poets believe that Ghazal's are the most heart touching write-ups of a poet, as Mariz (A Gujarati Poet) writes :

હોઈ ઉર્દૂ ની ઓથ કે હોઈ ગુર્જરી ની ઑ મરીઝ,
ગઝલો ફકત લખાઈ છે, મોહબ્બત ની ઝબાનમા

Which can be roughly translated to :

चाहे लू उर्दू की या लू गुजराती की कसम मरीज़,
ग़ज़ले सिर्फ़ लिखी जाती है , मोहब्बत की ज़ुबान में

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